The Goal

23rd of July, 2017

5 continents and counting!
My goal was set for one reason – to make me ‘do’.

I was afraid of my tendency to lean toward comfort. In 2012 I had left New Zealand after 25 years of never leaving the North Island. In that year I travelled to over 10 countries and started a path that changed my life for the better.

Since then I have built a birdhouse in the Sahara Desert, Luxury apartments in the capital of Scotland, A gate in Vancouver, and used an axe to create a seating area in a remote Nepali Village. Not to mention the many amazing people I made friends with in the many other countries I have visited.

I wanted this goal to force me to continue travelling – It did.

I wanted this goal to make me do things I wouldn’t otherwise do. Done.

I am 31 now, a year overdue with 2 continents remaining  I am still travelling and still doing carpentry.

Like I said in the beginning: I will carry on in this way until i have built something on all 7 of the worlds continents! And beyond that, I will do more of the same.

Where it started in November 2012 … 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 8.51.27 PM.png

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