I am on an island, working for someone who has interesting ideas. every thing within this house has been built at least twice.
If it is a bookshelf; first we have to build a pretend bookshelf in its place.
a pretend staircase, a pretend door in place of a future door. Even a mock-up lampshade, out of wood, just to see “how the real lamp shade might look”
we essentially build the plan rather than draw it.

So during the day I am entertained by these oddities, at night I am literally alone, in a massive house on a small island. It’s a cross between ‘castaway’ and ‘the shining’.

There are 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 kitchens, I am sort of in the middle of it all in one bedroom. I don’t have a car, the sea is just down the road but it is England, nice to look at though. Each night i saunter about, music turned right up- shuffling around, trying to cook. dancing while cooking (dangerous)
dancing while drinking (again)
dancing while spilling wine on a computer (expensive)
yes, I managed to destroy my macbook pro, poured red wine all over it.

So I have had no computer and a phone that works when it is inspired enough to bother, I resorted to reading (ugh, i know right? …wait..you’re doing that now)
Somewhere in amongst all this I was peer-pressured into a beard growing challenge.
Alone in a house, on an island, unshaven. You’re getting a picture now?

Cabin fever gets to me, I attempted a bit of an excursion –
a longish bike ride along a path that took me to Newport city centre. It was a flat path, banking at the sides covered in leaves with trees shrouded over, like a tunnel of foliage. I biked the whole way there kind of buzzing, headphones on, great fun.
Then somehow my tyres went flat while I was purchasing muesli, the walk back was not as majestic as the ride there.That same path became a repetitive bush of boring trees, I started hating on the muesli “we wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for you!”
maybe I should stay in the house.

I have a mate who comes in each day to help me do some work (and change my water bowl, take me for walks etc). The other day he said “good job I’m here looking after you, if I wasn’t here you’d be on the floor dying – Starving to death or electrocuted”

I asked him if he would follow my blog “no. what have you got to say that’s interesting?”
even he knows that this job, at least, is interesting. For one of my first tasks I had to build a window frame after the glass.
Just now I had to move crockery, in a bid to turn the kitchen light off. The light switch is inside a cupboard, that is odd.

If something good can be said about the madness it is that it has contributed to making this into one heck of a house. If you sit at the dining room table, which I am doing now, looking up you could see people standing on the glass deck above (This is bound to affect the dress code of any party held here)

In two weeks time when i post my next blob of babble (yes I know, you cannot wait. it is coming to a status update near you) I don’t know where I will be working, living or what city I will be in. I have a few possibilities; or, more accurately put, few possibilities. Christmas is close and after new year’s eve, who knows; here’s to hoping it all works out!

I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

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