I flew to Marrakech, journeyed through the Atlas Mountains. Travelled out into the Sahara desert, camped among the dunes. Then I built a birdhouse and left it there.

Africa – done! 

I was set to fly home. I Had flights booked to New Zealand in October 2012. After setting my goal, I knew living in the UK would be ideal for visiting Africa.
Apart from falling in love with my, fellow hemisphere dwelling, girlfriend; Getting myself to Africa has been my Northern-Hemisphere-anchor.

The night before I left, packing the flat-pack birdhouse into my bag. My uncle (with a poorly-disguised smile on his face) said I would look back on this little stunt and wonder what the fuck I was thinking. Haha!
I met up with a lovely South African friend through couch-surfing named Heike. Heike helped me film the video. I’m not sure what she really thought of the idea but she helped out a lot.
My resources are low. I guess this is the best I could do for now. I will visit Africa again. Maybe to build something a human could fit into. 

During one of our camel trips we stopped under a tree for a break. While drinking some Moroccan-sugary tea, I noticed a bird landing on the branches above. 
Vindication! I may have provided a home for something after all. I’d love to see where my birdhouse ends up. 

On to the next. I am planning a new continent-build from now on.

Stay tuned! or read? subscribed? Just keep reading here…

I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

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