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Scotland: Happy To Be Here

It is cold but with no breeze and suitable clothing it is perfect. The sky in Scotland has a unique quality, it seems that way to me at least. The blues seem more purple and the clouds more contrasting, with dark and light patches that give them an ‘edited’ look. It has been snowing for days, the snow melted as I spent another day in town, I have these days in town each weekend. It takes an hour on a bus for me to get to the centre of Edinburgh, I love it there. My parents left here when they were younger than I am now, they both walked these same streets.

I am as far as I could be from a ‘forgetting what day of the week it is’ mentality (synonymous with traveling) but I do not feel depressed about it. The next two months will be my last in Scotland, It may be awhile before I am here again.

I am walking from where the bus drops me off, heading down towards the house I live in. It is a clear, crisp night. I love these moments, “I am in Scotland”. I could compile a boring collection of reasons why that is significant. Maybe it isn’t significant for any of the reasons I can think of, the reasons don’t matter.

I was in Africa not long ago. In Africa I felt the same intense appreciation. The type that makes you smile as the goosebumps pass over.

I worked 9 years before I even owned a passport, Nine years seems like a long period, I did it without it being a problem, it was work – but I toiled outside of work. I wondered what I really wanted to do. I went from pleasure to pain in relationships, discovered the limits of friendships, Injuries and
somehow I managed to stick with carpentry. I feel good now. I am in Scotland and It was me who made it happen.

I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

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