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How to Install a Timber Post On Top of Concrete

How to install a timber post on top of concrete

Sometimes you may lay awake at night wondering how a timber post can be installed on top of a concrete foundation? right?

Well you found the right website and more specifically the correct blog post.

Scroll down and watch the video!

When you form the concrete foundation, set in a steel plate. That steel plate will have pre-drilled holes that will correspond with predrilled holes in the timber posts.

The timber post will have to be morticed in the bottom to allow the steel plate to remain hidden. The video shows it a little clearer.

Things that matter:

Wherever timber and concrete meet, install damp proofing. Without it, any moisture content soaks up from the foundation into the timber and eventually leads to rot. If you are installing a normal 4×4 post, something light, you can set it so the steel bracket holds the timber above the concrete. Leaving a clear gap will help ensure you have no long term moisture problems.

Get the holes right!

You can draw a template on a piece of paper with hole points marked. Copy the hole positions from your metal bracket and transfer it over to the timber post. Mark the points through the paper template using a nail. Drill away!

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