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Popping into Another Life

Doing a workaway is like suddenly appearing in somebody’s everyday life. The routines that are usually built up over time are suddenly there for you to adapt to.

Ok so this is when you feed that cat? What about this cat? A bit sooner ok The dog walks for how many hours a day?

The gardens need watered. The heater temperature changes at a particular time. The solar power, the bins, all these day to day seemingly simple things.


It is strange how quickly you can live in someone else’s world. Just over a week ago we had a flat in Edinburgh and a routine. Now we have adapted to somebody else’s routine entirely and it happens to include living in a tent. Tent life was difficult to embrace in the first two nights. We had this weird moment where we had to lock a dog in the warm house so we could walk through wet grass and into a cold tent. On the 2nd night the dog jumped up onto the door handle, opened it and came running down to the tent. They don’t even want anything they just want to hang out.


I am enjoying it now, we know it is only one more week. The weather is UK-good and, because we are in farmland, it is quite and peaceful.

I will say I have never felt more like a city slicker. The other day Jess and I spent half an hour watching a nest of baby birds being fed by their mother. We learnt that mustard is made from the seeds of a plant and that the plant itself tastes like mustard. We saw a pheasant hanging out in the backyard. Jess saw “her first snake”, a dead grass snake on the front door step.

Apart from the pains of being a couple with allergies sleeping in a pollen field, it hasn’t been bad.

Time to plan the next leg of the journey!
You can check that journey out on Snapchat, having a lot of fun with that right now!


I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

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