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Dear Scott Brown: Lessons Learned From Europe

OK, you’re slightly weary and a bit excited 
(i remember – I’ve been you already) You have nothing to worry about. 
You will adore Scotland, the people are fucking brilliant. The football will be heaps of fun, I don’t want to give anything away; just get ready for a party buddy. 

You have heard a lot about Overseas experiences. They are a right of passage for Kiwi’s, everyone does it, bla bla bla 

See the thing is; you think you can imagine how everything will be – you are terribly wrong. 

You are about to join a network of like-minded travellers – linking up in different hostels on similar adventures. 

You will meet people and have experiences that you cannot anticipate – days will blend together, making you believe that this is how life should be. 

You won’t be above small-talk I’m afraid. Get ready to lock down speeches regarding where you’ve been, how long you are staying and where you are going next. 

You love the Godfather right? yes you do. Well, so do homeless European street musicians. 
(not particularly noteworthy advice – just an observation) 

Europe is good-looking too mate, heaps of old shit. Portrait museums are boring as, take a book or something. 
I suggest you spend the next month at Piha; or do some road trips up north. Enjoy, soak up, even sleep on the beaches in New Zealand because the ones you will see in Europe are a little bit average. 

You will love Prague, but when it comes to drinking don’t be a macho man, I don’t want to intervene in case I start disappearing 
(like McFly on ‘back to the future’) just be careful.

When in Germany: 
Only offer high 5’s if you are absolutely sure you will not be left hanging.

I hope you are sitting down for this…you know how Australians are those annoying people on the tele whom you love to watch lose at sports? 
Guess what? real-life ones are actually good! Mental. 

I’m rushing this letter to be honest, moving forward, soooo 
I’ll just say – keep saving, stop winging, there are no excuses and have fun! 

Oh, one more thing: go and see if you can cancel that return flight 😉 


I had a badass new year’s in Berlin. It was my 3rd time visiting the city. Back in Scotland now, I need to work a lot for my 2013 plans – exciting year ahead. 
Again if anybody knows of any building opportunities in the UK or Europe, please get in touch 🙂

I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

2 comments on “Dear Scott Brown: Lessons Learned From Europe

  1. This is Brilliant!! ps. Am i first to post something? 😀


  2. Cheers buddy. Yes you are


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