Edinburgh is famed for its medieval character and loveliness, you appreciate it more the newer you are to the city. I saw Edinburgh for the first time 1 year ago; After growing up in New Zealand, a castle 
in the city was incredible to me.
Old buildings have an aura that suggest craftsmen fettled about on them years past, honing skills long forgotten in the modern architectural era.

Fuck that

The walls are wonky, they have tree branches for wall frames, If you put a tennis ball on the floor it rolls to the other side of the room, they used ash for insulation, the windows break by themselves and your reward for renovating such a building is the ability to blow blackened mucus from your nose.

Think of it like a car, I want a 78’ Kingswood station wagon. 

I am not naive though; Driving along a coastal road in a Kingswood sounds good.
I know when winter comes my windows will be fogged up, the engine will be like a tractor and it will cost loads of money to keep the car from not being dead.
Old buildings are the same. The houses we build these days are simply better.

Yes I need an attitude adjustment, I’ve been renovating an old hotel all week – it is getting to me.
It pays to be positive, I do like having a lot of work at once rather than no work at all. 

I am just being shitty “the now” – as the Scots say.

I was working in another old building on Sunday, 8 in the morning I’m walking in thinking
“26 years old! I shouldn’t be heading to a job, I should be heading home after a night out “
As I came to the door, a group of girls were doing just that.
One of them, wearing horizontal-striped tights and hair that could house a creature, said to her friend (As she clung onto a car door)
“Ya know…a sleep and a spew – I still dinnae feel much better”

I was kinda happy to be working after that.


Did you know (yes, you) that Alligators can’t walk backwards?

I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

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