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We Fly! Ladies and Gentlemen


How do we tire of flying over 30,000 feet in the air?

OK, presumptuous. There may be a few people out there who remain rapturous from takeoff to landing.


How do I tire of it? Or ever take it for granted? I’ve been on flights where I have shut the window screen so I could read a book.

Today I flew over a sunny Scotland and had this 21st century moment that I am sure many of us have had. My friend’s dad used to get angry at USB sticks because he couldn’t understand how a photo could be inside them. We use incredible technology so often that we forget to marvel at it for a moment.

Forget the plane for a second, what about the fact that there is an airport. They made planes that could operate commercially and then needed somewhere for customers to board them. It was like a port but instead of a sea port it was for the air. The concept is so new they had to name it after something that was already around. Now they are absolutely everywhere, In Nepal they have them on the side of mountains.

They will have spaceports soon. At first we will be bewildered, after a decade we will have headphones in the side of our faces while reading whatever magazine they put in the seat in front of us.

So, I was sitting in a chair flying in the sky and looking down over scotland. First the Lothians. Followed by the endless farms, interrupted by towns, of the Kingdom of Fife. The plane then turned west before flying down the coast toward Bristol. Along the way I saw the huge coastal wind farms that Donald Trump tried to get rid of. The farms are still there! A beacon of hope for the minorities of the United States.
Wind Farms, another example of what we humans do. We make the environment work for us. We invent new things and then ask, what’s next? Thats a good thing. If we didn’t strive for more, where would we be?



I'm a Carpenter from New Zealand. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship and decided to build something on every continent. I started this blog so I could share the journey with people!

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